About Us

The Southampton Business Alliance was formed in 1993 to advocate on behalf of businesses throughout the Town of Southampton. Because of the strength in numbers of our membership, and because of the balanced positions we actively promote, we have become a strong and well-respected organization to our legislative leaders and throughout our community. The mission of the Southampton Business Alliance is to promote and achieve an acceptable balance between the environmental, economic and social needs of the Town of Southampton. To achieve this balance, the Alliance strives to be an informed and strong voice in the decision-making process of the various regulatory agencies affecting the lives of the residents of the Town. The organization is more than just a business advocacy group – its objective is to be a multi-faceted resource to its membership stressing balance in the consideration of issues facing the Town of Southampton. To reach this objective, the Alliance is staffed to:

  • Undertake the research necessary be appropriately informed on topics of local importance.
  • Act as an information resource and sounding board for the membership, providing advice and technical information on topics of concern.
  • Be in attendance at meetings of various levels of local government, to stay informed of the issues as they relate to the residents of the Town of Southampton.
  • Represent the positions of the organization before various levels of government with professional and balanced advocacy, urging a fair resolution of issues. This advocacy will seek to achieve an intelligent balance between business and the environment.
  • Provide assistance and support to members of the community in need.

Keynote issues we have positively affected include:

  • Coastal Erosion Hazard Legislation
  • Traffic and County Road 39 improvements
  • Updates to the Town’s Sign Ordinance Law
  • Critical Wildlands and Groundwater Protection Study
  • Nightclubs and Amortization Legislation
  • Energy efficiency standards for construction
  • Workforce Housing (SBAHIC)
  • Advocacy for Property Rights


Executive Committee
President: Larry Hoffman, Dockers Waterside Restaurant & Marina
Vice-President: John LaMura, Esq.
Secretary: Bob Strebel, Sabel & Oplinger, CPA
Treasurer: Joe Mammina, Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank CPA
Immediate Past President: Ann LaWall, Ann LaWall & Company
Board of Directors
Ellen Cea, Rechler Equity Partners
Sheryl Heather (Executive Director), Spring & Summer Activities 631-728-1929 | shbizalliance@gmail.com
Anthony Panza,  Topaz Builders
Mollie Scruggs, Compass Real Estate
Aram Terchunian, First Coastal Corporation
Directors Emeritus
Charles Guilloz, James H. Rambo Company
Anthony Toscano, Southampton Masonry