Governor Signs LaValle, Thiele Bill to Help Protect Small Businesses from Online Lending

State Senator Ken LaValle and State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Chair of the Assembly’s Small Business Committee, announced that Governor Cuomo has signed legislation into law, Chapter 463 of the Laws of 2016, the two State Legislators introduced which would help develop and implement a small business online lending education and outreach campaign on the potential costs associated with obtaining loans from online marketplace lenders.

The new law will require the Department of Economic Development, in conjunction with the Department of Financial Services, to develop a small business online lending education and outreach campaign. The outreach campaign would be designed to educate businesses, in plain-language terms, of the potential costs associated with obtaining loans from online marketplace lenders including true and up-front transparent pricing and terms, the disclosure of annualized percentage rates, fees and charges, early repayment, and refinancing of a loan and any penalties that may be applied. Further, the Department of Economic Development will be required to develop and implement a plan to distribute such information to small business owners.

In the last decade, this segment of the financial marketplace has steadily expanded and is expected to continue to rapidly grow as advances in technology and data availability are changing how small businesses are accessing funds to finance their businesses.

The online lending marketplace has the potential to provide capital to small businesses that may not have access otherwise or do not have the time to go through a traditional lending process. However, with easier access, the potential exists for some online lenders to exploit small businesses by the lack of transparency and disclosure of interest rates, fees, loan terms, and repayment terms. Currently, the online marketplace lending does not have the statutory or regulatory framework to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect small business from seeking a short-term solution that becomes a long-term financial burden. Since regulation of the banking and lending industry is primarily a federal function, this new law will make small businesses aware of potential financial risks associated with this emerging lending platform.

Contact Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Jr at 2302 Main Street, PO Box 3062, Bridgehampton, NY  11932  (631) 537-2583.

Contact Senator Kenneth P. LaValle at 28 North Country Rd., Suite 203, Mount Sinai, NY  11766  (631) 473-1461

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